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Cairns Business IT services and computer solutions, by professional computer engineers, is a specialty service of Brilliant Technologies. Services include strategic consulting and advice, network configuration and implementation, project management and auditing, data security and disaster recovery, as well as cloud solutions. Advise, sell, install, configure, maintain and repair, that’s what we do.

We’re a leading end-to-end technology solutions and services provider in Cairns. We do the research, to ensure we deliver the best Cairns business IT services, for your needs and requirements. Our Microsoft and other vendor trained staff are ready to take your call.


If you want it, we’ve got it. Leading brands of computers, covering everything from the desktop to the laptop, notebooks, tablets and more. Servers, monitors, WIFI, UPS backup, switches, cables, cords and power protections. Brilliant Technologies have got it, in one convenient location.

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Our eyes on your network. Responsive server support, built on the strength of our suite of tools and our renowned customer service, allows us to respond rapidly to changes in the health of your network and applications. We’ll diagnose and resolve any network problems or failures, fast. Enterprise class IT monitoring.

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Looking for a scalable solution that offers the latest updates through software license subscriptions? Wondering how to effectively manage and control your license needs on a monthly basis? Look no further than Brilliant Technologies in Cairns. As your local “SAAS” provider, we offer comprehensive monthly support for Microsoft, 3CX, Adobe, Antivirus, and more, ensuring you don’t pay for more licenses than you need.
Call our software team to see how known monthly invoice can help your business.

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Cloud services are available on demand and often bought on a pay-as-you go, or subscription basis. Many companies already use cloud services; Office 365 is a great example. Talk to us today about a cloud computing solution for your business.

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Data security is paramount in today’s digital landscape. With increasing cyber threats, protecting sensitive information is crucial. Implementing robust encryption and Educating employees and some of the ways Brilliant Technologies in Cairns can partner with you to protect your Data.

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A disaster recovery plan can be as simple as backing up your computer to an external hard drive through to using a cloud based strategy. Having the right plan in place is crucial to being back up & running quickly. Talk to our IT disaster recovery specialists today.

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Business Audits

Is your Technology ready?   The right IT could workflow efficiencies, lower your costs and allow work from anywhere.  But is your hardware, software, network, licenses, phone system and data management ready?

We have a team ready to assist you from an audit, recommendations, supply right through to implementation and management, all billed monthly as a single invoice.

Call to book an audit today

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Talk before you buy

If you’re want to upgrade your business IT hardware or software, or want to move to a cloud solution, we invite you to drop in or call our dedicated sales team. Together, we can  find the ideal solution to optimize your existing systems and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology, guaranteeing heightened performance and productivity for you and your team.

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We are very pleased with the new Canon Colour Digital Press device from Brilliant Technologies. With rapid advancements in technology throughout the printing industry it is reassuring to know that there is a Print Technology service centre here in Cairns that can support us with both prompt product delivery and fast reliable ongoing service. We have a long and trusted relationship with Brilliant Technologies which will continue long into the future. Brilliant Technologies and Canon are a great team.”

Trent Newberry
Cairns Plan Printing Service

We rely heavily on our technology in our contracted food supplies business. Downtime spells disaster in terms of missed shipments. We trust Brilliant to manage our computing needs throughout Australia and PNG

Lui Garozzo
Total Food

Our office is growing and our printing needs are changing. Robin and the guys at Brilliant Technologies have been so helpful. Robin worked closely with us to ensure all our needs were met and the transition has been excellent. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending Brilliant Technologies.

Les Freeman Real Estate

CANON + ACER = Great products backed by professional service when you need it. Recently took advice upgrading to Virtual server capable of external management & seamless support. Changeover was capably managed & on budget. Thanks BRILLIANT!!

Chris Kingsbury
Totally Workwear

As our business expanded, naturally our printing demands grew. Cairns Hardware faced many challenges with printing, not only with equipment but also the management of printing equipment as well. We approached Brilliant Technologies and were extremely pleased by the entire managed print solution that was presented and provided. The staff were not only very knowledgeable, but extremely friendly and pleasant to deal with. Brilliant Technologies provided us with a fully maintained print solution and across multiple locations throughout Far North Queensland. Their experience from pre-sales to post deployment documentation review was professional, organized and they were prepared to work with us in providing a solution that not only met the needs of the business but also options for growth too.

Greg Pearce
Cairns Hardware


Our Cairns IT business services cover everything from the hardware you need (desktops, laptops and more), to the software and performance required, to keep it running as efficiently as possible. It includes:

  • Computer Consultancy
  • Network Consulting & Monitoring
  • Site Documentation
  • User Management
  • Data Backup & Recovery Plans

Brilliant Technologies pride themselves on being a leader in Cairns IT business services. We can analyse your requirements, or existing IT infrastructure and processes, develop effective solutions and provide ongoing support.

To make your life easy, we even have fixed price support contracts, where for a fraction of the price of a full time IT support person on staff, you have access to a team of highly skilled, professional IT personnel, ready to help you with all your support requirements at any time.


Brilliant Technologies offer a range of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. What is this? A web-based software delivery service model that means you don’t have to invest in extensive hardware, to host the software.

Making it easy, there’s a monthly subscription fee for access over the net. This means you don’t have to outlay the total purchase of hardware and software upfront, or make provision for ongoing maintenance.

SaaS is also known as hosted software, or by its more marketing-friendly cousin, ‘on-demand’, as you don’t actually own the software but are effectively renting it, usually for a monthly fee.

Brilliant Technologies assist and support a range of local, as well as multi-office, Cairns-based companies with their unique software requirements. This ranges from Accounting and Office applications, to the very important but often overlooked Data Security and backups.

We’ll keep an eye on your network

Talk to us today, we can ‘keep an eye on your network, so you can get on with business’.

Brilliant Technologies have smarter Print and Computer Solutions

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