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Do you want to Roll the Dice on a weak password?

What is a good Password
Cybersecurity is top of mind for most businesses, with guidelines, training & email protocols being put in place but still everything hangs on your Password and how strong it is.
The most common password is 1234567 closely followed by PassWord1234567, both are very easily broken and when combined with your email address, cyber criminals have a field day accessing all of your personal data, work information & social platforms.
Let’s consider what makes a Strong Password and how do you remember it. Actually the recommendation is to use a Pass Phase, usually 2 or 3 unrelated words with 1 or 2 numbers a special character.
The short words are easier to remember than a string of numbers, letters & characters and can be easily modified to specific logins using a common protocol.
For example, sunny & gate which are easy to remember but not usually related can be used as sunnyG@te53. Modified to sunnyG@te53Fb for your Facebook login, similar but different.
The longer the password/passphase the better but keeping it simple by using this method makes it less likely you will keep using exactly the same password for every login.
No doubt things will change, banks and other industry leaders are using MFA (or 2 factor authentication) to help protect us, but we need to stay alert and maintain strong personal passwords and stay alert for scam emails and texts.

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