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Text to Video by ChatGPT for business?

I was updating Brilliant Technologies’ online presence the other day when a message popped up asking if I wanted to add a company video. Initially, I thought this sounded like a lot of work.

Curious, I searched the web about this idea and discovered ChatGPT promoting InVideo AI. It looked straightforward, so I decided to give it a try.

I asked ChatGPT to write a script for a company video, and without needing to look up any additional help, I had a draft ready in about 10 minutes. I swapped out stock photos for our logo and my photos, and adjusted the wording to better fit our brand. And here it is, my first video.

In today’s digital era, video content has become essential for businesses aiming to engage their audience, enhance brand recognition, and drive conversions. However, traditional video production can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, often left on the back burner. This is where AI-powered video creation platforms, like InVideo, come into play. These innovative tools offer a range of benefits, making it easier for companies to produce high-quality videos efficiently and affordably. But can they really be a useful tool for building our web presence?

AI text-to-video programs are user-friendly and don’t require any video editing experience. With drag-and-drop features, pre-designed templates, and intuitive controls, it’s easy for anyone to create professional-looking videos. You can upload your own photos, adjust colors, fonts, and graphics to match your brand identity, and some even allow you to record your own voiceovers.

Additionally, AI can help spark creativity by providing suggestions and automating routine tasks. For example, AI can analyze the script and suggest relevant visuals, transitions, and effects, ensuring that the video is engaging and visually appealing.

So now I have a video or two. Where can I use them?

Marketing and advertising are the obvious choices, but as I’m just starting, I might begin with something simpler. Social media comes to mind, as short, engaging videos are perfect for these platforms. AI tools can quickly create eye-catching videos optimized for different social media formats.

Other applications of this technology include product demonstrations, internal communications to celebrate staff achievements or milestones, customer testimonials or case studies, and, as I hone my skills, onboarding or training videos.

The integration of AI in video creation offers numerous benefits and could be a smart move for any company looking to stay competitive in the digital age.


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