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School BYOD Laptop

The school has said you need to supply a laptop for your child to use at school.

You want your child to do well at school & get ready for the technology driven workforce.

You know that some of the jobs in the near future aren’t even being talked about yet, so a laptop for school sounds reasonable.

Now what?

How do you choose the right one?  Is there a right choice?  How much should you pay?

Help is at hand, here are some features you should think about before starting you search

  • Is it made from military grade material to withstand the constant handling by school students?
  • Does the battery last for at least 8 hours?  You don’t want to send the power supply to school, it might not come home!
  • Does it have 3 years warranty
  • Can the warranty be done locally?
  • Does the laptop have 3 years of ADP (Accidental Damage Protection) that allows for repairs each year?
  • How heavy is it?  Your child will be carrying this around every day for 3 years, under 1.5kg is best.
  • Is there a bundle that includes all of the above & a sturdy carry bag?

Brilliant Technologies has been partnering with Acer Computers for many years to provide a choice of laptops that meet all of the above features at great Education bundle pricing.

Call or Education team on 07 4052 5900 to find out more.

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